There are many reasons to seek out counselling. People have a great deal of resilience and can often deal with the many stressors life throws at us. But those things can build up over time; other times, we get hit with too many stressors at once. I often encourage people to seek help earlier rather than later as the issue can be quicker to resolve, so there is really no issue too small to seek help for.

If you are struggling with changes in relationships, work pressures, settling into a new country, stress, communication issues, depression or anxiety then counselling might be useful for you to gain some strategies in how to change the way you are feeling.

Session length: One hour

Session Fee: $90 or a flat rate of 2 million vnd (Student rates available)

Location: Sunrise City North, 27 Nguyen Huu Tho, District 7 (on the border with D4)